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EIS Quick Look (QL) and Data Analysis (DA) Software USERGUIDE.

Welcome to the web-based userguide for the EIS QL and data analysis software. The userguide consists of several separate document linked below. A first time user should first focus on the documents describing the requirements for running the software, and then how to install it on a local computer. When ready to go, the rest of the documents describe how to run the QL and data analysis software, as well as how to produce FITS files.

Here we go:

Section 1: What are the requirements for running the EIS QL and DA software?
Section 2: What do I have to do to get the EIS QL and DA software to run?
Section 3: EIS QL Userguide
Section 4: EIS Data Analysis Userguide
Section 5: How do I calibrate my data?
Section 6: How do I produce FITS files?

Updated 09-Jun-2006 by Øivind Wikstøl